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I’m Getting Drunk on a Plane

An article courtesy of a HERmixer Fan…

Is the song stuck in your head now? It is for me while writing this, for sure! If you are not into country music, here is a youtube video of the song “I’m Getting Drunk on a Plane” by Dierks Bently. You can thank me later when it is stuck in your head!

Well, I want to get drunk on a plane. But wait a minute! Flight attendant said what? A specialty cocktail is $12???

Okay so I am going to be stuck in economy. I don’t travel all that often and first class isn’t in my budget. I want to lay back and enjoy myself, but at $12 a pop for a cocktail… I know I’m already going to pay $50 just to get my bag checked!

I do not care for beer or wine. So, do I just get two drinks at $24 and hope that their Moscow Mule is worth it? Or do I take drinking into my own hands? Time to control my upcoming inebriated airline experience!

I took a couple HERmixer concentrated cocktail mixers with me. The little 30mL bottles fits within the FAA guidelines. Priced at $5.95 a bottle which makes 30 cocktails, I can do a lot of mile-high, bottom-dollar drinking with house vodka tonics, gin and waters, and whiskey’s on ice…. all flavored like specialty cocktails with HERmixer!

I am a Moscow Mule kind of girl, but 200 calories in the Ginger Beer alone has my pants screaming at the waist line. But HERmixer, at 5 natural calories per serving, I can down three HERmixer-made Moscow Mules’ before I hit 200 calories.

I ordered the HERmixer Ginger and fell in love with the tiny bottle. It even says, “Makes 30 Girly Cocktails”. I got out my favorite glass at home to try this stuff out. Seconds later to my surprise with just Vodka, water and HERmixer Ginger I made my first ever Moscow Mule. It was tasty! What is lacked was the carbonation of the Ginger Beer. Which I am completely okay with because carbonation gives stomach that angry feeling (you know what I mean).  I’ve always been intimidated by the “mixer” section of Total Wine, I don’t know what all that stuff is for.  Bitters?  Syrups?  Huh?  This just got so much easier.

Over the 2 weeks before my trip to Las Vegas, I emptied my HERmixer Ginger. I took it everywhere I went, for the possibility of making my own drinks. I found it worked in a lot of different things, even sparkling water.  But just use a tiny bit at a time, it’s so strong!

Since I was out I ordered the party pack with 4 flavors. It got here just in time. Off to Las Vegas… 5 girls… 4 HERmixer flavors and 24 hours later the HERmixers were empty.  We used them in EVERYTHING! Lets just say there were 5 very spirit-full women getting off the plane in Las Vegas!

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