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…flavor the party!
…and build your resume while having fun!

HERmixer Margarita and Cocktail Mixers are the low-calorie and natural way to add flavor and personalization to any social setting.  Forget drinks with 30 grams of sugar or aspartame.  Pocket HERmixer to the next social mixer, tailgate, cookout or concert.

As a HERmixer Ambassador (HMA), you’ll get the following:

  • A personalized page such as
  • A special coupon code you’re free to share
  • A collection of “creatives” which are pre-designed text and image ads, easy to copy-and-paste into blog, article or social media
  • A dashboard to track your efforts

Your works as ambassador will first lead to free product and free apparel.  Keep rising up the ranks for the rewards to turn into gift cards and real cash for serious go-getters, taste-makers, social media magnates, and general @$$ kickers.

Referral letters, remote internships, and sales opportunities available.

~Small Print Stuff~ To participate you must be 21 years of age or older.  Acting as a HERmixer Ambassador is voluntary and does not constitute employment by or representation of HERmixer or Peterson Limited Co.  At any point we may request a 1099 to be completed.  We retain the right to change the promotion and reward structure.

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HERmixer Ambassador Application