HERmixer - Low Calorie Cocktail and Margarita Mixers


HERmixer Mini-Cocktail Mixers are a concentrated, so you add just need a little.  The most common ways to enjoy HERmixers are to add little squeeze to a vodka ‘n soda for example to make a sweet, light crafty cocktail. Some prefer to use it in their favorite liquor but without the soda or tonic, maybe add just a little water for a very low calorie drink.

  • HERmixer Ginger
    • Add to a Vodka & Soda, just like Ginger Ale
    • Add to Tequila with a little Lime juice for a light sipping margarita
  • HERmixer Apple
    • Add to Gin for an Apple Martini
    • Add to Rum & Coke for a very craft-cocktail combination
  • HERmixer Citrus
    • Add to Bourbon on ice for a simple Manhattan-like cocktail
    • Add a few squeezes to Champagne for a Mimosa-lite
  • HERmixer Berry
    • Add to a Vodka & Soda, a very light and refreshing cocktail
    • Add to Gin for a Berry Martini
  • HERmixer Vanilla
    • Add to Gin for a cold-weather cocktail
    • Add to an IPA beer to soften the hoppy edge
    • Add to Coffee in place of sweetener